Store Updoot! Store-wide discount

Howdy lovely people! The store has had a nice shiny updoot:

Citation Needed! backpacks are back in stock in a new design which holds more Good Stuff (or bad stuff, you can put whatever you want in it I'm not your mum). 

Anti-God Tee Dresses are now available in white rather than black- the print shows up a lot bolder on the new dress because it's made up of dark colours.

New phone cases have been added for iPhone and Samsung! You can now get Anti-God, Citation Needed! and Hello Lovely People designs on phone cases. There's also now a buy one get one 50% off discount on phone cases.

I'm working on some new merch designs with my lovely patrons at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for some new shiny stuff in the future :3

To celebrate and thank you for your patience as I shuffle around the store, there is a 10% discount available on all orders until the end of march. Use the discount code UPDOOT at checkout :)

Thank u love u bye


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